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The choir is expanding in number, and keen to encourage and welcome people to get involved. We welcome new singers for specific concerts, open rehearsals, or membership. We also welcome other volunteers, patrons and sponsors.

We encourage anyone to come along and, without audition or without commitment to payment, to try up to 3 rehearsals. The committee members, voice representatives, and all members will welcome you, and Karen, our Membership Secretary and Support Co-ordinator, will be happy to answer specific enquiries or queries.

Karen can be contacted via


Weekly rehearsals are almost always at St Peter's Church on Wednesday evenings. They start promptly at 7:30 so members are asked to arrive by 7.20. There is a sociable 20 minute break from 8:30, when refreshments are available. Members take turns serving tea, coffee, and juice, and there are always cakes and biscuits. Contributions are always welcome! The rehearsal finishes at 9:30.

Our informal programme of induction will help you settle in and an Induction Pack gives all the practical information. A helpful Members' Handbook is provided.

Other volunteers are welcome to join us at any time to help with concerts, or events, and social events.

Equality and Diversity

The choir is committed to equality and diversity and strives to encourage membership and participation. We will make every effort to make people welcome, comfortable and included in all choir activities. Our audiences are also growing, and we want to ensure that they have the best possible experience of our concerts. If you need additional support, we will give every feasible practical assistance.